Atlantic Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) is an organization with decades of experience from our team of biologists, volunteers, and interns. Our goal is to work in the communities of New York to better combat the issues challenging our environment. We need volunteers to help in a variety of areas.

For example, marine debris is a serious issue across our planet and is entirely preventable. We want to motivate the community into understanding how they can help and what they can do to be a part of the solution. When appreciating wildlife and nature what you take away can make a big difference. That starts with representatives on the beach conducting cleanups, collecting data, and educating other beach goers on what we are trying to do and how they can help. 

These are areas you can start helping with right away:

  • Beach monitoring

  • Fundraising/Marketing

  • Volunteer Program Management

If you have specialized skills we may have additional areas you can help with.

Specialized skills include ArcGIS, Excel data analysis, grant writing, IT, pilots, captains, database managers, and acoustic tracking. These are just some of the specialized skills we look for but please let us know what your experiences are because we may have the job for you.

In addition to these opportunities, if you are committed to being a part of the team long term we have additional areas you can train such as:

  • Research

  • Response

  • Forensic exams

First things first though, we want you to see what it is all about. Your first step is to create a profile in our volunteer tracking program. From there you will be able to see when and where we have volunteer orientations and sign up for them. At the orientation we ask for a $25 donation and a completed application. After that, we ask you to join us on the beach for one of our cleanup sessions so that you can get started adopting a beach near you. If you have any questions about our program please email